Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yoga training, baby!

I spent this past weekend knee deep in Anusara yoga anatomy training with Martin Kirk. I'm one of those chicks who needs to understand things to the core and his training proved to be just what I was craving.

I realized last night as I was preparing to teach my Restorative Yoga class over at Urth Yoga that I have done three yoga trainings and two yoga and philosphy worshops since June. Seriously, that's a whole lot o' yoga my fine and lovely people! Good grief, since when did I become such a dedicated student?


Summer 2008:

I was in L.A. in June doing a workshop with one of my main teachers Noah Maze and the utterly engaging Douglas Brooks that was filled with asana practice and Tantric philosophy. I also did my Prenatal yoga training with Jessica Jennings in June as well.

July took me to San francisco where I spent a week with the divine Judith Lasater doing more Restorative Yoga training and am about to start my certification project for her.

August in the yoga department was a workshop with my man Noah Maze again along with Naime Jezzeny. Damn good fun. The rest of August I was in Guatemala!

Now we're in September and thus far I've just been with Martin Kirk for the Anatomy training, which reached far beyond my expectations.

~I am taking a break for a while~

Must get to that Restorative project I need to submit and have loads of writing to do. And really, I can only retain so much information before my head explodes!

I am hoping to be with Judith Lasater again in February up in San Francisco for a yoga training on the spine and back. I am also seriously considering a month long massage training intensive in either November or January.

I will be doing events during the Fall and holiday season so will slip into another skin for a while. Have fab suits, will travel. I'm hoping to be very busy.

Come April I'll be in Guatemala for the yoga retreat my partners and I are offering at Villa Sumaya on Lake Atitalan. Must get our website set up. So much to do!

Time to get my booty back to the mat as I need to get back to my own regular yoga practice. After seriously injuring my hand a few months ago I have had to back off like mad. This has been very hard for me. Alas, life is what's thrown at you, capiche? And really, it's give me the chance to focus on my studies which has proven to be a very good thing.

Creating the life you want? Yeah, it's doable. And if anyone dare give you grief while you're doing it then you just tell them to bite it.

Peace, love, om....



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